Returning to Sub Hunter

I’ve had a good weekend working on Sub Hunter again.  First thing I needed to do was implement proper multi touch with the on screen buttons.  I also worked in some of my UI element code from Khufu for flood-fill on the background for all screen sizes as well as full screen transitions between rooms.  I plan on leaving the 1.0 Sub Hunter separately accessible from the new title screen for anybody to still play in that style- there will be letterboxing to the old fixed resolution. Also since 2.0 mode will be drastically different in the ship customization department, I don’t want to try to carry over anything specifically unlocked from 1.0.  My current plan is to provide a currency bonus to 1.0 players based on how much content they completed prior to the 2.0 update, something like $100 for each medal earned (5 per stage on 12 stages would be $6000 max) carried over to the starting currency in 2.0 mode.

Some of the things I’m currently testing for 2.0 mode include scrolling background stages, subs that change height in fixed patterns, ship guns that can have multiple effects like AOE blast, slowing element, homing missiles, and player deployed shields.  I’m thinking I’ll have a power meter system with player-equipped modules on your ship that can be offensive, defensive, or utility.  I’m also working on a system to give the subs a bar with percent hp – instead of just the 1-4 tiles like it is now- likely for the player too once it is working.  I should have a lot more to share in the coming weeks to show how gameplay will work in 2.0 mode.

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