Momocon 2017 Budget Breakdown

My goal for Momocon was to start an email mailing list, and to increase my exposure on social media as well as show off my games and just generally to have people have fun.  Overall I consider the show a success for me, and will definitely be looking to participate in more indie gaming events as much as possible.  I can see re-using my booth game and by planning my giveaways I can try to keep my costs in check there.

The Costs:

Booth $450.00

Booth Fixtures $95.69 (easal, powerstrip, table cloth, gaffer tape)


Giveaways $200.89 (usa candy, japanese candy, gift cards for giveaway)

Promo Materials $157.45 (buttons, flyer cards- only used about 30% of total)

Booth Game $62.42 (jug and ping pong balls for my booth activity game)

Gas $39.95 (5 hour drive there, 4 hour drive back, because Atlanta… still have roughly half a tank left before needing gas again, average miles per gallon was 30ish)

Food $140.23 (from Wednesday dinner to Monday breakfast, mostly smaller meals, with a nice dinner, also includes snacks/drinks bought for consuming at the booth).

Parking $20 (I only took my vehicle to the convention center twice, for unloading and loading, the rest of the days I used MARTA, on a buddies work pass)

Souvenirs $106.98 (a t-shirt, keychain, and magnet for me and a t-shirt for my wife, as well as a giant plush alpaca for my daughter, she has named it Paca 🙂 )


Total Cost $1273.61 of which roughly $250 of those supplies and giveaways are available for using again at the next event.  I obviously saved a large bit by not needing a hotel ( I stayed at a friend’s house who happened to live nearby) and by driving instead of flying, which also let me pack more for my booth without having to ship anything there or back.  Also, I am just one person, so food and transportation would multiply for bigger teams.

At the end of the day, the decision on whether the show is “worth” it is going to be up to you, and you could factor in trying to recoup some of these costs by selling merch at your booth, or providing a discount code for your online store, which can help you track your conversion rate from the show in pure $$ sense.  It’s always a little trickier to place a value on user engagement and exposure, but I’ve noticed a decent increase in my daily download rates as well as on my overall daily ad impressions – not enough to make back what I spent on the show, but still a nice bump on the regular revenue.

Hopefully, this can be a good reference for any other indie devs out there trying to get a grip on what convention showing can cost.

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