LD38 – 48-Hour Compo Submission – Hopperbot

Alright, another weekend another jam!  This was from Ludum Dare #38, from 4/21-4/23, just one week after the GM48(22)!  This was my 3rd LD completed, and the first time I’ve made a game with ‘stages’ in a 48-hour window.  The theme was “A Small World” and I chose to with the idea of using the Gamemaker physics engine to play on different worlds with different physics properties like gravity and linear damping.

I ended up making 12 stages across 4 worlds, Earth, Moon, Ice, and Lava themed.  I also took the time to add a challenge shot to each stage that made an optional objective.  I think keeping the hole-in-one trickshot possible really limited my stage design ideas, which may have been the best for the time limit, but I’d like to make more complex stages if I continue working on Hopperbot.  I have some other ideas I’d like to implement that could help flesh out this game, like character and stage powerups that could effect the bot after launch, like a stomp or rotation boost.

Go check it out and rate it at https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/hopperbot

I also have it hosted over on itch https://doublesquare.itch.io/hopperbot

Timelapse Creation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cRNJdBPkF8

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