Khufu’s Delivery Service Now Available On Steam

Hey everybody, I started working through the details on how to complete the Steam release for Khufu’s Delivery Service after it got greenlit last year, and overall (with a few hiccups) it wasn’t too bad.  I am glad I went through the process just to see how everything works and now it is fully released on Steam!  You can check it out here

What’s next for Khufu’s Delivery Service?

My next two goals are to add the Steam leaderboard support, with different leaderboards for the different game modes, as well as some Steam achievements, just to see how they work too.  My other main thing to learn is how to push updated builds through the Steam client to the players.  Which there are many more than I was expecting already – Thank You!

Once I get through the approval process I’ll definitely add some trading cards as well, but I don’t expect that to be in the same update with the leaderboards/achievements.

I’ve also been testing out a new desktop game mode that will be exclusive to the Steam release version, please look forward to more details on that soon!

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