Heading to Momocon!

I’m really excited to be on my way to Momocon- this will be my first time attending, and first major event I’ve done as Doublesquare!  I was at PAX East a couple months ago, but I was only participating in smaller events around the convention in the evenings, I did not have a booth on the show floor.

For my Momocon booth, I’ve got a couple of activities planned.  I’ll have a TV hooked up to my laptop running a promo reel, with info about each game and short gameplay segments.  I’ll also have 2 tablets out with 2 chairs to sit at the table, they are loaded with all my released games, and 6 prototypes in various stages of development.  I actually have 4 tablets loaded, and I’ll be rotating them out to recharge as needed.

I also have a physical game planned with 2 ways to play.  There is a 5 gallon jug that I filled with ping pong balls, mostly white, but there a some blue, red, and green in as well.  I won’t say how many because that’s part of the game!

Game 1: I have a clipboard with a sign up sheet- filling out your name and email and a guess at how many ping pong balls are in the jug.  The closest to the right number will win a $50 gift card delivered to their email after the show, but also every entry will count towards a second drawing for another $50 gift card regardless of the guess number.  Extra entries to the second drawing can also be earned by liking on facebook, following on twitter, and for downloading Doublesquare games – all free!

Game 2: You can reach into the jug and pull out a ping pong ball, there are prizes based on the colors.  White gets a sticker, and then red, green, and blue each get to draw from colored prize bins I’ve filled with candy and other swag items.  I’ve added in some really cool stuff, so hopefully people will be excited to try to win and have a good time.

Ultimately my goal for Momocon as a developer is to meet people, network with other indie developers, increase my social media following, and have a good time.  Hopefully people that come by have fun and remember Doublesquare as being fun so even if none of my current games fit their interests, something down the road might and at least they’ll remember me positively.

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