GM48(22) 48-Hour Jam Submission – Drone Delver

The GM48 game jam was this past weekend, the theme was “Descend” I created a game called Drone Delver in about 20 total hours of development time.  The idea is that the drones have gone haywire and can only be given commands to swap positions (match 3 style grid, you can swap any 2 drones).  The numbers on their back represent the depth they are at, and the value that you want to make matches with.  When a match occurs the drones apply their value to the surrounding drones, red ones add, and blue ones subtract.  If they go below 0 they become gray and unresponsive, and the goal is to get one to at least 25.  Multiples of 7 cause row clear explosions, and multiples of 9 cause column clears, both of which will destroy grayed out drones to replace with new drones.

Go check it out and rate it at 

Rating period goes until the end of April.

I also have it hosted over on itch if you prefer at 

Timelapse Creation video

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