GM48-29 Results for 3Tris

20th Place overall, Art 51st, Gameplay 14th, Immersion 52nd, Innovation 7th, Sound 40th, Stability 16th, and Theme 8th.

So my best category is Innovation again with 7th place, very good! I’m pleased that I’m able to consistently place for the that, I think if I can get a little polished with my jam art, and maybe incorporate more sound effects to increase immersion, I stand a good chance at placing top 10 in the next one.

For the post jam version of 3Tris, you can follow along with development updates on twitter, and I’ve created 2 different game modes. Gravity mode, or I might call it Cascade mode, disconnected blocks fall down to the bottom after matches are made, and in tactical mode, matches are only cleared after setting the next piece down. If I come up with something else, I’d like to add a 3rd mode too, but for now I’m going to keep working towards a mobile release with these 2.

I also changed a few ways things work both behind the scenes and more noticeably the way the cursor works for switching blocks, but I do still have one bug i’m tracking down where occasionally 2 blocks get created on the same spot. I don’t think I’m going to work too long on polish beyond adding some effects and cleaning up the sound effects, I’m pretty excited just to release something after having this gap so long between Dodgeline 2.0 and now.

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