Khufu’s Delivery Service Google Play iOS Greenlight ORIGINAL RELEASE 2/04/2017

Khufu’s Delivery Service is an arcade puzzle game that challenges your skill and speed to maximize space with different shaped pieces. There are currently 4 planned game modes: Standard, Time-Attack, Pyramid, and Puzzle. Each focuses on a different gameplay aspect to provide a variety ways to have fun!






Jumper 2B Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 5/30/2016

Jumper 2B is an endless arcade vertical rush experience! Tap either side of the screen to jump up in that direction, and see how high you can go! Trounce enemies to power up and burst through blocks and spikes! Complete stage bonus challenges to earn more coins. Unlock hats, colors, and trails to customize your Jumper!






ReflecTs Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 4/30/2016

Can you clear all 50 stages? The further you go the more complicated the puzzles get. If you’re feeling confident you can jump right in at any difficulty from the start!
Rotate the mirror pieces to reflect and redirect the laser from the fire point to the exit. Enjoy solving each puzzle stage and see if you can clear them all!






Sub Hunter Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 3/31/2016

Welcome to Sub Hunter! Please enjoy the 12 stage campaign and try to earn all the victory medals! Also try endless mode for a more arcade style action! Use in-game money to upgrade your vessels to unlock their maximum potential!




Dodgeline Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 2/17/2016

Simple two button touch controls – tap on the right side of your screen to rotate clockwise and on the left side for counter-clockwise. Timing and prioritizing your movements is key!







Snowy Ski Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 1/29/2016

Race down the mountain with simple tap controls to avoid obstacles. The faster you go the less time you have to react to the course! Includes Play store achievements and online and local leaderboard!







Memory Farm Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 12/30/2015

Match the animal flash cards until all have been paired! Useful for teaching memory, matching, and fun animal recognition!








Earth Defense Missile Command Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 8/23/2015

Endless wave arcade style gameplay. Use your powers strategically during each wave to maintain control and hold out as long as you can!








Bouncy Bird Google Play ORIGINAL RELEASE 8/01/2015

Bouncy Bird is a simple game that uses your phone tilt for controls. Bounce on the platforms for as long as you can. Each game mode has a separate high score table.
Classic Mode – Platforms get smaller as you get higher.
Break Mode – Platforms disappear after being bounced upon.
Speed Mode – Platforms move faster the longer you stay bouncing.
Extreme Mode – All of the above! – Good Luck!





Floorius Gamemaker Steam Workshop ORIGINAL RELEASE 7/28/2015

Floorius is a top-down 2d action arcade style game. The objective is to collect all of the energy orbs on each floor before the timer runs out while blasting your way through hordes of monsters. Movement is controlled by WASD or arrow keys, and aiming is done with the mouse. Basic attacks are done with left click and are single shot projectiles that travel until they connect with an enemy or wall. Right click for special attacks that require energy to use and vary based on class. Energy is gained by picking up the energy orbs on the floor. Enemies can sometimes drop powerups to boost your abilities, but don’t forget the real goal of collecting all the orbs to move onto the next floor!