Game Jams GM48(23) and LD39

Hi everybody, just a quick update to share what I’ve been working on lately.

A couple of weeks ago was the GM48(23) jam, a 48 hour contest using the Gamemaker engine.  The theme was “Sacrifice” I made a small platform hopper game called 30 Jumps, where the goal was to try to jump from each platform to try to the top.

During development 30 Jumps really did not go well for me.  I struggled with getting the basic gameplay elements together and ended up having to scrap some of the major mechanics that would have made it a much more complete game.  Some of the things planned were a angel wing item that you could sacrifice to fly back to the last platform you jumped from after a fall.  I also wanted to have horizontal and vertical moving platforms and some collectibles added in hard to reach locations.



And last weekend was the Ludum Dare 39, another 48 hour contest (for the compo).  The theme was “Running out of Power”and I made a squad/resource simulation management game called Away Team

Development on Away Team was very ambitious, this was a larger idea than I had tried to pull off in a game jam, but it went well.  I would still like to expand on the mission deployment information and add more graphic elements like icons to help convey more information better.  I got a lot of great feedback from people who have been playing and am working on what I want this game to become in my head.


I think I’m going to leave 30 Jumps in the long term to-do for now, I’ve got more ideas for what it could become, but it needs a lot of fundamental work to get where I had envisioned it.

Away Team on the other hand is very promising.  I could see it developing into a more squad base activity where the player could make decisions for the team, or more of an idle game with multiple teams and more ship building and crew management.


Anyway, the game jams have definitely reinvigorated my motivation and I’m back to hammering away at my Sub Hunter 2.0 update which I’ll hope to finish soon.  Then it will be time for Khufu’s steam release soon after.

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