Doublesquare Monthly Newsletter June 2017

Doublesquare June Newsletter

Right off the bat I’m sure everyone is wondering for the results of the physical “Guess How Many” ping pong ball game from the Momocon show floor.  The number to guess was 307!  No one got exactly that number, but the winner had 305 and is Brad C.  I have sent a separate email for the gift card information, so if you got this newsletter, but didn’t see the email please reach out to to get your gift card straightened out.  Additionally the randomly chosen winner for the second gift card is Reed H.  Likewise please check your email.  If you are Brad C or Reed H and are reading this on the website, and did not receive an email, then definitely reach out because I may have spelled your email wrong.  Along with that there were about a dozen signups that were missing the domain information, so I just guessed on those, and there are definitely some hard to read entries as well, but I did the best I could getting them typed up.  Thank you to everyone for coming by my booth at Momocon!  I hope you had fun playing my games there, and with the physical game and goodies available.

Next Tradeshow

Currently I’m making plans to attend the Otakon show in Washington DC August 11-13, more information is available here: 

Game Plan for June

I’m putting the finishing touches on Sub Hunter’s 2.0 update, which will add a ship customization system with independent forward and aft equipment slots and upgrades, 16 new campaign stages, a reworked endless mode, and a substantial increase in enemy sub movement patterns and capabilities.  There will be a bonus rewarded to Sub Hunter 1.0 players, so if you haven’t tried it yet, check it out here:

Momocon Thoughts

Momocon was an awesome experience!  My first time attending and exhibiting there, and I had a blast.  I’ll be doing a follow up post soon with my highlights, exhibition budget, and other thoughts on my experience there.

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