Doublesquare April Updates

Hey Everybody – quick update on ongoing projects around here, back from PAX East charged with some new ideas for new games, and for some updates on others.  I’m looking forward to some upcoming game jams, first is the GM48(22) which is a Gamemaker-specific jam on April 15 and then the Ludum Dare 38 on April 21, which also coincides with the 15th anniversary of the Ludum Dare jam, it will be my 3rd time participating.

Sub Hunter 2.0 is coming along, I’ve been making an equipment system, that will allow the player to choose what system is equipped on each of the fore and aft slots on the ship.  Right now I’ve got the multi-cannon, EMP blast, Mini-nuke, and float-shield- each will have upgrades for the effectiveness and cooldown reduction.  I’m hoping to be able to design stages that will allow each equipment type to shine.  I’ve also reworked the touch controls to allow for proper multi-touch support, and cleaned up the scripts controlling those systems.

Momocon plans – I’m planning on running a booth for the Momocon weekend in Atlanta at the end of May.  I’m trying to design a physical game to have in the booth as a giveaway for stickers/buttons/etc – attempt 1 is a peg game, I’m still working out how to handle the launcher, but overall it’s coming together.  I do have another backup physical game in mind, if I can’t this one in a state that feels fun.

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