Dodgeline and Sub Hunter now available on iOS

Alright – since the last post I’ve been wading through lots of documentation on iOS and I’ve knocked out some decent goals, and have a much better understanding of my future time lines for porting the Doublesquare catalog to iOS while working on new IPs and updating games as well!

So far I’d say getting established on the app store was a bit more intensive than I expected, and I’ve definitely had to do some research on why a couple things from android didn’t work as expected.  Overall I’m pretty pleased with my progression and will keep porting over my other games, in-between working on the big update for Dodgeline planned soon.

Sub Hunter and Dodgeline are now both up and functional on iOS and version synced to android release as well.  I am ready to move forward updating these two – currently working on some new features for their 2.0 updates in the future.  I also made landing pages for them on the wordpress, but they might still change as we evolve our backend.


Sub Hunter:

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