New toys!

  Alright!!! Picked up a refurbished Macbook Air and a 6th gen iPod!  Working on getting set up with xcode/gamemaker/app developer and it is pretty exciting so far.  I’m trying to take some notes to do a follow up on Gamemaker Reddit for how the transition goes for me, I know there’s a lot of […]

Back In Action This Weekend

I had the original idea for this game last year around the same time I was working on EDMC, but at the time I really didn’t know how to translate my notes into an actual game.  Well the last couple weeks I’ve outlined a rough GDD and started seriously prototyping today.  A little bit shown […]

New Projects, Break from 1GAM

Alright, I’ve pumped out some mini games this year which has been an awesome learning and development experience.  I highly recommend it as an exercise to learn how to focus, and really take measure of your own skills and capabilities to establish timelines.  That being said, it has been exhausting to pour just about every […]

New Website!

Yay new website!  This will be much better for long term maintenance and building.  I’m still deciding on how I want everything to work with the pages and posts – i’m thinking I’ll create landing pages for each game separate, and make the games’ entries as posts on that page.  Right now it’s just one […]

Jumper 2B Released!

Jumper 2B is now available in the Play store for free!  I do have the optional purchase for $0.99 to remove the ads if you prefer as well.  First time making that option, so I’m curious to see if anybody will actually utilize it.   Play Store Link:  Hope you enjoy it! Please like/share/follow/+1/ and tell […]