Game Jams GM48(23) and LD39

Hi everybody, just a quick update to share what I’ve been working on lately. A couple of weeks ago was the GM48(23) jam, a 48 hour contest using the Gamemaker engine.  The theme was “Sacrifice” I made a small platform hopper game called 30 Jumps, where the goal was to try to jump from each […]

Momocon 2017 Budget Breakdown

My goal for Momocon was to start an email mailing list, and to increase my exposure on social media as well as show off my games and just generally to have people have fun.  Overall I consider the show a success for me, and will definitely be looking to participate in more indie gaming events […]

Heading to Momocon!

I’m really excited to be on my way to Momocon- this will be my first time attending, and first major event I’ve done as Doublesquare!  I was at PAX East a couple months ago, but I was only participating in smaller events around the convention in the evenings, I did not have a booth on […]

I’m on Patreon now!

Hey everybody, just a quick note that I’ve setup a Patreon page at I’d really appreciate if you take the time to check it out and of course pledge a little to help me keep making the best games possible!  Even a $1/month contribution is great and gets you access to my playable development builds […]