Ludum Dare 37 “One Room” submission – Eye in the Sky

Hey everyone, happy December and thanks for checking out my Ludum Dare 37 submission Eye in the Sky!  I definitely struggled figuring out what gameplay mechanic I was actually going for, and I was really feeling the time pressure this weekend due to some other engagements I had to attend on both Saturday and Sunday. […]

New toys!

  Alright!!! Picked up a refurbished Macbook Air and a 6th gen iPod!  Working on getting set up with xcode/gamemaker/app developer and it is pretty exciting so far.  I’m trying to take some notes to do a follow up on Gamemaker Reddit for how the transition goes for me, I know there’s a lot of […]

Back In Action This Weekend

I had the original idea for this game last year around the same time I was working on EDMC, but at the time I really didn’t know how to translate my notes into an actual game.  Well the last couple weeks I’ve outlined a rough GDD and started seriously prototyping today.  A little bit shown […]