Jumper 2B Released!

Jumper 2B is now available in the Play store for free!  I do have the optional purchase for $0.99 to remove the ads if you prefer as well.  First time making that option, so I’m curious to see if anybody will actually utilize it.   Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doublesquare.Jumper2B  Hope you enjoy it! Please like/share/follow/+1/ and tell […]

Jumper 2B

Jumper 2B is an endless arcade vertical rush experience! Tap either side of the screen to jump up in that direction, and see how high you can go! Trounce enemies to power up and burst through blocks and spikes! Complete stage bonus challenges to earn more coins. Unlock hats, colors, and trails to customize your […]

Press for ReflecTs and Jumper 2B Progress

I was pleasantly surprised to find some coverage of my April game ReflecTs from a youtuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFIwUeJhoKE Which is awesome, go and check out his channel IndieMobile. Jumper 2B is coming along nicely, I was really able to quickly implement the game idea and iterate the mechanics into a playable prototype.  Below are some shots of it in action. […]

May Game and Mini Milestones

On to the next month!  I’ve decided on a core concept for my May monthly game and am starting the base engine now.  I expect to have it up and running quickly as it is simpler than my last couple games.  I’m excited to get it up and running and hopefully I’ll have something to show […]