Sub Hunter

Welcome to Sub Hunter! Please enjoy the 12 stage campaign and try to earn all the victory medals! Also try endless mode for a more arcade style action! Use in-game money to upgrade your vessels to unlock their maximum potential! Google Play iOS App Store

Sub Hunter Overall Progress

Wow this month has flown by!  I have just a few finishing touches on the engine work for Sub Hunter- and I still need to do sound effects and music. Right now i’m working my way back through to implement achievements.  I’ve decided to do built in achievements this time in place of the Google […]

Data Structure Work

I’m making progress on getting the new game functions up and running, I’ve got the level end detection working and now I’m working on the stage selection screen that displays which missions the player has completed along with which mission challenges have been finished as well.  I will have some more progress shots to show […]

Sub Hunter First Look

I managed to convert/expand my level generation script from Dodgeline to control enemy sub spawning- I can set when/where/direction of the subs as well as how fast they move, how often they shoot, and how fast their bullets travel, I still have some work left to do for end of level detection since there are […]